Regulation & Compliance

Capitole Énergie is an active regulation participant that offers its clients a solid-guaranteed service, according to several organized associations.

The French Energy Brokerage Syndicate

Capitole Énergie is one of the four brokerage companies which put the first regulation milestones for the retail brokerage market in France. We have co-created the French Energy Brokerage Syndicate with the mission to implement good conduct and ethics rules that guarantee fair-trade conditions.

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Financial Investment Advisor

Capitole Énergie carries out consultancy and brokerage activities in energy supply (natural gas, electricity, and green energy) with SME / SMI companies and the public sector based in France.

Capitole Énergie acts as a business provider for energy suppliers. The procurement service that takes part between the end-customer and the supplier, is under the responsibility of Capitole Énergie.

Therefore, the financial expertise of our sales and pricing teams is controlled and regulated through the CIF status with the control of our CIF association: ANACOFI. Some of the financial products are governed by Article D211-1 A of the Monetary and Financial Code and are part of the MIFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive).

GDPR Compliance

Capitole Énergie is an authorized third party to network managers and this sense is checked regularly on the approval of prior consents to each request for renegotiation of contracts for failure to lose its approvals with its various partners. From our earliest days, we have responded to all requests for inquiries that have been made to control our internal procedures.

Capitole Énergie does not keep any data of yours beyond the period necessary for your pre-contractual relationship and your management period with us, if applicable.

We do not distribute your consumption data and other personal data to any of our business partners and it remains stored in our secure information systems based in France.

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