Connect your company to better results.
Connect to the future.

Capitole Énergie provides your business with reliable gas and power suppliers.

By analyzing, comparing, and predicting, we can find a better energy solution for your company –no matter what its size or its industry is. No switching risk associated!


Power and energy are key factors for your company’s success. Discover how we can help your business -no matter what its sector is, obtain a competitive advantage with better power providers and lower energy costs.

Independent professionals

Liberal professions, micro-entrepreneurs, and craftsmen.

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Small & Medium Enterprises

Entrepreneurship, small businesses, and small industries.

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Public Sector

Local governments, public buildings, public facilities, and public lighting.

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Real Estate Sector

Residential, commercial, and industrial contractors and builders.

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Agricultural Sector

Farmers, croppers, ranchers, breeders, and others.

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Industrial Sector

Telecommunications, pharmaceutical, transport, entertainment, health care, manufacturing, and more.

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E-mobility Sector

Electric vehicles and mobility including charging infrastructures.

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Flexible contracts depending on your industry and business. From 1, 3, or 5 years CART-I or CARD-I.


We are a professional energy player committed to giving you the best service by understanding your business and its needs to find a suitable option of energy. Hundreds of companies rely on us.

Get fixed prices for up to 4 years and discover our nonstandard energy supply solutions.

Get your energy supply costs as close as possible to the marginal prices of suppliers.

Monitor and follow your energy budgets for a whole period with +10 key performance indicators.

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