Connect to an optimized energy offer

We are committed to helping you reduce your power expenses by optimizing your energy bills, not just on the supply price section, but also in other entries.

Supply prices

Depending on your consumption profile, you will have access to different prices:

  • Market price offer
    • Fixed-price
    • Variable price: Hourly/seasonal price or ARENH price
  • Regulated offer (for electricity only)
    • Obtain up to -10% on regulated prices reserved for small consumers (“blue pro” offer).

Energy certificates

Various certificates can be optimized, even if they are compulsory or optional:

  • Capacity mechanism
    (compulsory – specific to each supplier)
  • Energy-saving certificate – EEC
  • Guarantee of origin – Green certification

    Routing and taxes

    Depending on your past consumption and your forecast activity, we define formulas and power rates suited to your profile to reduce your costs.

    • Routing tariff formula
    • Consumer segment
    • State tax
      • Power: CSPE, TDCFE
      • Natural gas: TICGN

    *We provide this service whether or not you are connected to the Enedis / GRDF distribution networks or by a local distribution company (ELD), examples: Gérédis (Deux-Sèvres), Électricité de Strasbourg Réseaux (ESR – Bas-Rhin), SRD and URM (Metz), or others.

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