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energy service benefits

Our solid experience in the energy market and price discovery allows us to provide great benefit for your business’s resources and our planet’s environment.


Best market prices

We take advantage of the diverse energy vendors to reduce your power supply costs.

Optimized costs

Our offer can be adjusted to your seasonal energy consumption to reduce costs and taxes with KPIs.

Stable energy

With Capitole Énergie you will have a quality supply with no losses expected during the transition from your old company to us

Standard facility

You don’t need any technical modifications to migrate to Capitole Énergie.

Price information

We provide up-to-date pricing information and energy data analysis about price discovery across the energy and environmental commodities for mitigating risks, which include:

  • Pricing reports

Based on key market sectors, examining drivers and fluctuations with deep historical data.

  • Relevant and timely news

These will help you to closely follow, understand and evaluate changes.

  • Short-term & long-term analyses

Examine the effect that shifting policies and regulations can have on your operations.

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